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To be a leading professional  services organisation providing expert network and application performance management consultancy.  



Whether based on the corporate network or hosted in the cloud, the golden rule is this: where there are apps, there has to be application management. Application Performance is a mission-critical business concern as it directly impacts the reputation of the enterprise. In today's fast moving IT environment, Application Performance Management (APM) is a must. If businesses are to remain competitive, monitoring how applications flow across the private, public or hybrid network is of paramount importance. While the network is important, it's only a part of the delivery chain in protecting revenue-driven applications. With cloud computing, digital platforms and big data all competing for C level attention, ReubenPS has emerged to provide APM and expert network advice to enable businesses to maximise returns on their IT investments.



With more business-critical applications migrating to the cloud, our goal is to help our clients provide and maintain excellent end-user experiences for all revenue-based or business-critical applications for their internal and external clients. With our experience, we will deliver comprehensive analysis of network applications to our clients to enable better application performance.  The aim is to achieve better end-user experience by identifying and rectifying potential network and application problems.  This will lead to improved network health, more effective application performance, greater productivity and increased revenues.  The output of the analysis will also help with forecasting, budgeting and future IT investments.



Our expertise extends to all the major application providers such as Infovista/Ipanema, Silverpeak, Riverbed, Compuware, Dynatrace, Infovista, Solarwinds, as well as all the major network providers including Cisco, Juniper, Netgear and Huawei.


As proven experts in both network and application performance management, we provide consultancy and technical expertise to C level, Senior Application Managers, Network Managers, Cloud Strategists, Application Delivery Managers, Business Managers, Solution Consultants and Network and Software Engineers.


We intend to offer the value-added network and consultancy experience and expertise that will allow our clients to use technology intelligently to drive their business forward.

We intend to assist or clients to remain ahead of the competition in a fast-moving IT environment. Today's IT savvy application users aren’t particularly interested in all the technical details of your solutions; whether MPLS, IPSec,SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, SD-WAN, iWAN,Hybrid, Cloud, Digital platforms  or any of the underlying infrastructure. They have ONE primary demand - a fast, responsive APPLICATION performance experience at any hour, any day and anywhere. How can this be achieved? Contact us at:

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